You Asked – Short-Term Vacation Rentals: What Do I Need to Know?

Many Lake Country entrepreneurs have opened their homes to welcome tourist and visitors by providing short-term vacation rentals.  Short-term vacation rentals such as Bed and Breakfasts, Airbnbs and VRBOs are important to Lake Country as they provide income to local homeowners and help fill the gap of limited temporary accommodations such as motels and campgrounds.  

If you are thinking of starting a short-term vacation rental or you already have one, check the definition of short-term vacation rental in the District’s Zoning Bylaw 561, 2007. Also, check to see if short-term rentals are allowed based on what your property is zoned. Earlier this year Council made it a top priority for bylaw officers to enforce short-term vacation rental bylaws. In the coming weeks operators of short-term vacation rentals will be receiving correspondence from the District explaining the bylaw and requesting that property owners confirm that the bylaw is being followed.  

Unfortunately, some neighbourhoods have been negatively impacted by short-term vacation rentals due to inadequate parking, garbage not being disposed of properly and excessive noise. For easy reference, below is a summary of what is required for all short-term vacation rentals in Lake Country:

The short-term rental is in the principal residence where the owner has claimed the homeowner property tax grant.

  • Accommodations are located within the primary residence and not in an accessory suite separate from the home (examples include - trailer, motorhome, camper, garage, cabana, or shop).
  • There are not more than four (4) sleeping units rented out at the same time.
  • There is parking for all guests on the property (guests’ vehicles are not permitted to park on the street).
  • All garbage and recycling is contained to the property and properly disposed.
  • A valid District of Lake Country Business Licence is issued for the short-term vacation rental.
  • Properties that are not compliant are subject to a daily fine.

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