Drive-in Show FAQ


March 27, 2021 is our first (and most likely last) Drive-in Show that the District of Lake Country will host. During the COVID-19 pandemic we are aiming to ensure we continue to offer arts and cultural opportunities within the scope of the current public health orders for everyone’s health, safety and enjoyment. We will make every effort to ensure it is a smooth, issue-free experience, but we will ask for an extra dose of patience as we attempt to host one of our most unique shows ever.

These are some of the questions we thought you might have, along with their answers: 

1)      Can I watch the show outside my vehicle? No. Shows must be watched from inside the vehicle. Due to space limitations each car gets one parking spot only.

2)      How will I hear the show? When you arrive we will give you a handbill with the FM radio frequency to tune your vehicle stereo to.

3)      Can I leave my car running? No. We ask that your car is turned off during the show. Please also turn off your headlights so that the performer can see you.

4)      What type of vehicles are allowed? We have limited parking space on site so we are encouraging folks to bring their smaller vehicles vs the largest.

5)      Will there be washrooms on site? Yes. Swalwell Park has public washrooms. Please note physical distancing must be followed when lining up outside for the washroom; and there is a limit of two people per washroom.

6)      Will there be a concession so I can buy snacks during the show? No. To limit contact we ask that you bring your own snacks and drinks. Please note this is not a licenced event – no alcohol is allowed in the park or its parking lot.

7)      Will the comedy content be child-friendly? This content of this show is anticipated to be PG13 rated.

8)      Will the park be open to the public? No. The park will be closed to the public from 3pm that day until midnight to allow us to set up and take down the show. The Bylaw Officer will be on site to discourage loitering in the park or on the adjacent sidewalk.

9)      Can I drive my F350 truck to the show? We are strongly encouraging folks to arrive with small to medium-sized vehicles to respect physical distancing and allow for maximization of the parking area.

10)   When can we arrive? The parking lot will open 40 minutes before the show to allow everyone to be parked, tuned in on their vehicle stereo and ready to watch the show when it starts.

11)   What if I arrive late? Unfortunately, due to the nature of the show no vehicles will be allowed to enter the site after the show starts.

12)   How do I buy tickets?  Ticket sales will be done through the Creekside Theatre website link to our Activity registration program (not Kelowna Tickets for this show). It is easy to create a simple account profile online, or you may already have one if you’ve registered for any of the recreation program activities in the past.  You can also call the District of Lake Country Customer Service at 250-766-5650 to assist you with tickets. (Please Note that contact information of the ticket purchaser will be collected for Contact Tracing in the event Interior Health needs to contact you due to a Covid-19 exposure.)

13)   Does the provincial health authority allow drive-in events?  Yes. Here is a link to the parameters we are operating within to offer this special event during a pandemic.