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Dredging of the channel between Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake – what’s the hold up?

Since the June 18th You Asked! - community members have been asking for a status update on their request that the District apply to the Province for authorization to dredge the channel that connects Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake. Council has heard that some boaters want the channel dredged, allowing for larger boats to pass through.

Council is aware that local citizens have independently applied to the Province to dredge the channel. The District has not received notification from the Province of the application nor has a referral been received from the Province. If at a future date a referral from the Province is received by the District, similar to all other referrals, Council will consider it at a regular Council meeting.

Although dredging may seem simple, there are many different factors for the Province to consider when reviewing a dredging application. Considerations include: ownership of the channel corridor; underwater utilities; and the environmental impacts dredging would have on the lakes – including drinking water intakes. Applicants will also need to consider financial implications of dredging the channel.

The District would like to remind the community that under Provincial and Federal law, excavating in a waterway, prior to a permit being issued is not permitted and extremely dangerous.

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