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Recently the community has asked why Lake Country doesn’t have a community pool?  It’s true, the population continues to grow and many different age groups in the community would benefit from additional amenities like a pool. Each year Council has a lot to consider before making any decision that triggers a tax increase for the community. Please consider sharing these facts with your networks, or better yet - ask your connections to subscribe to District news so everyone can get the facts sent to their email inboxes!

Is the District making plans to consider building a community pool?

In 2018 the Parks and Recreation Master Plan considered the scenario of building a community pool and outlined the cost estimate of building and operating a pool (page 81 section 6.4.2).

How much would it cost District of Lake Country property owners to have a community pool?

Keeping in mind that building costs have substantially escalated since 2018, the approximate cost per land parcel, amortized over 20 years would be approximately $400 per parcel per year to build a $20 million indoor pool. After 20 years the cost would likely be reduced to approximately $135 per parcel per year.

How would the cost impact property owners?

If the District were to build and operate a community pool, it would likely require borrowing and financing the debt estimated at $1.4 million per year for 20 years. Additionally, operation and maintenance costs would add $400,000 annually to the District’s budget. Every property owner in Lake Country would incur a substantial tax increase to fund the construction and operation of the pool, with user fees offsetting only a small percentage of the actual cost of a facility of this type.

How do I let Council know I would like them to consider building a pool in Lake Country?

Council will be reviewing the five-year budget later this year. Be sure to subscribe to District news to know when the budget meetings are scheduled and how you can get involved. 2022 budget details and how the community can get involved, will also be posted on Let’s Talk – Lake Country. You can also email Mayor and Council or speak at public comment which is at the beginning of all regular Council meetings.

And now you know. If you have questions, please contact