Recently the community was asked to review and provide comments on the Draft Water Conservation Plan. Council appreciates the time many community members took, to provide input on the draft plan.

What is the purpose of the Water Conservation Plan?

The District's Water Conservation Plan aims to assess ways for the community to reduce water usage and potentially increase water supply. The plan explores various initiatives but only recommends those that are considered practical and may have a significant impact on water conservation. Additionally, a Council endorsed Water Conservation Plan is crucial for seeking grant funding for water system improvement projects.

Why was the water conservation plan initiated for Lake Country?

Communities that are waterwise tend to pay less for operations, maintenance and infrastructure. Being waterwise helps ensure water availability to all District water customers, especially during times of drought. The plan is also meant to prepare and enable the community to manage through the compounding effects, resulting from climate change.

Dispelling the rumors:

Rumor: It has been suggested that the Draft Water Conservation Plan recommends that irrigation allotments be reduced.

Fact: Although discussed in the plan, reducing irrigation allotments is not a recommendation of the plan.

Rumor: Agricultural water customers are being asked to conserve water to accommodate new developments in Lake Country.

Fact: Water reductions are not being recommended to facilitate new development. Any water savings realized, through water conservation efforts, are recommended to be used to lessen the impacts of drought and climate change. Reference to water conservation suggestions can be found in the Draft 2023 Water Master Plan.

Rumor: Farmers will be required to replace irrigation systems with more efficient methods of irrigation.

Fact: Draft Water Conservation Plan recommends analyzing efficient watering systems through an Agricultural Use Plan. The intent of the recommendation is to ensure the best management practices are implemented through efficient irrigation systems. The District recognizes that this approach will not be applicable to every farm and crop type.

Rumor: The farming community was not engaged on the Draft Water Conservation Plan.

Fact: The Draft Water Conservation Plan was presented and discussed numerous times with the Water Advisory Committee. The committee has members from the local farming community, participate and disseminate the information throughout the community. The Draft Water Conservation Plan is an analysis of where strategic initiatives could improve water efficiencies in Lake Country. The plan recommends that impacts on the farming community first be analyzed through an Agricultural Use Plan.

Rumor: Additional water is being sold to the City of Kelowna.

Fact: The revised City of Kelowna agreement does not allocate additional water that was not already allocated through past agreements.

Find out more:

Visiting Let’s Talk – Lake Country to find the Draft Water Conservation Plan and the Draft Water Master Plan.

Watch the recent May 9th Special Council meeting presentation on the Water Master Plan.