From Plain Jane beach to Belle of the Ball.  Whiskey Cove Park has been a hidden gem with a minimum of amenities for decades.  A few years ago, a seasonal porta-potty washroom was installed.  When District of Lake Country staff approached area residents and the Carr’s Landing Community & Recreation Association (CLCRA) in the summer of 2022, suggestions for improvements ranged from more shade and a year-round toilet to swim area delineators and easier access.  All of these have been accomplished over the past 18 months. With its scenic backdrop, gradual slope to the water and natural pebble beach, it is an awesome option for beachgoers who live in, or visit, the area.


In June, a Mobi-Mat was installed – the first in Lake Country. This non-slip walkway, made of recycled material, helps beachgoers access the beach and water more easily.  It is expected the mat will provide improved access to kayakers, wagons, strollers and anyone who has trouble negotiating the pebbled beach.  And, while it may be used by people in wheelchairs, it’s recommended they get assistance due to the grade, uneven ground and detritus that gets washed up on the mat.  Floats demark the swim area and shade structures, repurposed when they were no longer needed by the Food Bank, now cover two of the three picnic benches installed earlier. The picnic tables were retrofitted by Parks staff last year to include an extension that allows wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers to roll right up to the table.


“The completion of the Whiskey Cove improvements, plus the addition of a demarked swim area and relocation of the swim raft at Gable Beach, answer the need for more and better beach access, as identified by our 2019 survey of Carr’s Landing residents and visitors.  The collaboration with District staff on these is much appreciated,” said Julie Halfnights, Chairperson of Carr’s Landing Community & Recreation Association.  


Whiskey Cove Park, just off the 15,000 block of Carr’s Landing Road in Lake Country, sits on the east side of Okanagan Lake.  The more formalized parking lot, accessible porta-potty washroom, pathways and picnic tables have increased the accessibility of this small lakefront park.  


woman in motorized wheelchair and friends enjoying picnic near the beach


mobi mat for accessible access to Okanagan Lake at Whiskey Cove