smartTRIPS guest blog: travelling the active way

Are you travelling the active way? Biking and walking may seem like just recreational activities, but they're also a cost-effective and convenient form of transportation.

Active transportation can be an easy way to sneak in some exercise. Unsure of where or how to start? Consider different options when you need to run your next errand or are off on your daily commute. For example, carpool to work, bike to the farmers market or walk to your favourite neighbourhood restaurant. Try making it a challenge to use a different method of active transportation each day to see what way suits your busy lifestyle.

Figure out which way is best for you!

Carpooling. Carpooling isn't just for commuting to and from work or school. It's also great for travelling to activities and events. Chat with your neighbours, friends or other parents at your child(ren)'s school to find some carpool potentials. can help you find a match that works for your commute to work. Whether you're a morning person or night owl, enjoy classical or country music, there's a match for you!

Walking. Walking is a low-impact and free way to get around! All you need is a good pair of walking shoes. Walking is ideal for short distances and can be combined with transit for longer journeys. Residents and visitors alike are invited to download the Lake Country park and trail guide map to plan their next trek; and visit to find out more about Lake Country amenities encouraging a slow amble behind some of the region's abundant orchards, or a hike to see breathtaking views of the entire Okanagan Valley from the heights of the Spion Kop Mountain Trails.

Biking. Every year, Bike to Work Week encourages hundreds of Central Okanagan residents to hop on their two-wheeled ride. Many enjoy it so much they cycle nearly all year round! There are many bike accessories available to make cycling an easy option, such as baskets and panniers to store your belongings or groceries in. It's also handy to dress for the season and weather to make the ride more enjoyable. Remember to always wear your helmet (it's a Provincial law) and to lock up your bike.

Taking transit. Transit allows you to sit back and relax while someone else does the driving no more parking or traffic stress! Plus the bus even heads to the Kelowna Airport. You can visit or use the transit planner on Google Maps to easily plan your trip. In some instances, there may not be a close bus stop near you or your destination, consider bringing your bike along and cycling part of the way! All Kelowna Regional Transit buses are equipped with bicycle racks that carry up to two bikes.

Active transportation benefits your health, your wallet and the environment. You can track your trips on the smartTRIPS online trip tracker tool to see how far you've travelled, your calories burned and emissions saved!

smartTRIPS is the Central Okanagan's active transportation program encouraging residents to be healthy and active by reducing their drive-alone trips. Visit the smartTRIPS website, for more information, tips and benefits.