Zoning Amendment: 
Council adopted Zoning Amendment (Z2021-008) Bylaw 1207, 2023 to change 11524 Bond Road from RR2 Rural Residential 2 to RR3 Rural Residential 3. 

Zoning Amendment: 
Council adopted Zoning Amendment (Z2022-002) Bylaw 1208, 2023 to change 11530 Turtle Bay Court from RU1 Single Family Residential to P2 Administration, Public Service and Assembly. 

Public Comment:
Mr. Cridland expressed to Council his concern over the length of time it takes to process Development Permit Exemption applications and other applications types.  

Development Permit & Development Variance: 
Council approved the Development Variance Permit and Development Variance for the applicant to be able to construct a five-unit townhouse development at 10370 Powley Court. Council did express concerns over adequate parking for the development.  

Encroachment Permit: 
Council approved an encroachment permit for construction of retaining walls at 10851 Maddock Avenue.  

Development Permit Exemptions: 
Council approved that staff no longer accept Development Permit Exemptions on parcel specific applications. Council gave direction that applications that have been accepted and in process be rescinded and application fees be refunded.  This decision is to bridge an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment expanding and clarifying Development Permit Exemptions.