As the flooding emergency in the Central Okanagan approaches the one-month mark, officials are urging the public to be alert to a variety of health and safety hazards caused by high water levels.Since someone cut through the temporary fencing put in place to make it obvious that Pioneer Park was CLOSED, Moduloc fencing and signage were installed May 30th to reinforce the following:- Parents are asked to keep children out of dirty shallow water to prevent any health risks posed by standing water.- People are also asked to stay off the sandbags, bladder dams and gabion cages deployed along beaches and creeks.- Emergency officials are asking residents and visitors to find wake-free options to enjoy the lakes in the weeks ahead.- A lot of time and energy has gone into sandbagging vulnerable areas, and respectful operation of watercraft is urged so that boat wakes do not damage protection or cause flooding of lakeshore public and private properties.- Boaters also need to be cautious about wood debris floating under the surface of the lake, along with submerged infrastructure.