All sandbags must be registered as soon as possible by using the Sandbag App at or by calling 250-470-0674.

Under no circumstances should sandbags be emptied into any creeks, lakes, wetland, beaches or other watercourses as outlined in the Water Sustainability Act. The impact can destroy fish habitat and affect drinking water supply, infrastructure, flood control, navigation and recreational activities.

Crews are doing a final sweep for sandbags in the Winfield area. If you still have sandbags in the Winfield area you can bring them to Beasley Park following the safety guidelines below, by using the Sandbag App or calling 250-470-0674.

Kalamalka Lake, Coral Beach access, Lake Pine access
Crews have assessed the sandbags on Kalamalka Lake, Coral Beach and Lake Pine and they are not ready to be removed yet. Crews will reassess early next week.

Do-it-yourself sandbag removal
Residents wanting to remove sandbags at their own cost should take precautions. Sandbags that have been sitting in water could contain mould. Wear N95 respirators, nitrile gloves and rubber boots while working and wash hands and clothes well after handling the bags.

Debris removal
Barges operators continue to remove unnatural debris from the shores. Damaged docks and pilings still in place are the responsibility of the property owner. Any debris you do not want removed should be clearly marked with "Do Not Remove" and marked with fluorescent orange flagging tape or paint.

Debris removals in Wood Lake and the south end of Kalamalka Lake are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Small woody debris on private property is the responsibility of residents. It can be disposed of as yard waste in the curbside yard waste bins if it meets the size limits under the program or taken to the Glenmore landfill free in loads up to 250 kilograms and less than 5 centimeters in circumference.