Public Comment:

Ms. Wageman-Gairdner asked Council to consider mandating fire smart landscaping throughout Lake Country.  

Development Permit: 
Council approved the development permit for 2651 & 2725 Dick Road. The applicant intends on opening a storage facility on the property. 

Terms of Reference (ToR) for a Revised McCoubrey Plateau Area Structure Plan: 
Council adopted the terms of reference that incorporate four phases towards a revised Area Structure Plan for McCoubrey Plateau that is outdated and requires revisions.  

Grant In Aid Application: 
Council approved a grant in aid request in the amount of $1,000 to the Lake Country Food Assistance Society. The funding will be used to assist with funding a special event for volunteers.  

Used Fire Apparatus Purchase: 
Council approved the immediate purchase of a used fire apparatus at the cost of $575,000. The purchase is required due to major mechanical and electrical failures to four fire apparatus, in response to the recent wildfire. 

Planning & Development Process Workload Update:
Director of Planning & Development presented to Council an update on workloads and timelines the department is currently facing along with proposed changes that could possibly minimize wait times for applicants.  

Notice of Motion:
Mayor Ireland will be presenting a notice of motion at the next council meeting with the intent to prohibit the use of cedar hedges for landscaping within Lake Country due to the fire risk.