Maggie Gareau, Lake Country Community Policing and Melissa Scaman, Lake Country Health both provided Council with an update.  

Bylaw Adoption:

Council adopted the following bylaws Highways Bylaw 1189, 2022; Building Regulation Amendment Bylaw 1190, 2022; Nuisance Amendment Bylaw 1191, 2022; BNE and MTI Amendment (Highways) Bylaw 1192, 2022; Subdivision Amendment (Highways) Bylaw 1193, 2022.  

Request for Council Approval for Updated Funding Application to UBCM:

Council directed staff to apply for the 2022 UBCM Community Resiliency Investment Program for up to $45,000 to assist the Lake Country Fire Department to purchase a Structure Protection Unit. 

Fire Hall Project Vehicle Internal Transfer:

Council approved that the 2022 Financial Plan be amended where $27,642.85 of vehicle costs originally funded from the Fire Facilities and Equipment Reserve as part of the new Fire Hall capital project be re-allocated to be funded from the Equipment Acquisition and Replacement Reserve based on actual use.  

Privately Run Sewage Treatment Facilities:

Council directed staff to initiate an Official Community Plan amendment process for the consideration of amending sections 9.3 and 9.4 of the Official Community Plan.  

Integrated Transit Strategy:

Council confirmed that the following options be brought forward for future consideration:

  • Highway 97 Rapid Bus, Route 90 (Vernon to Kelowna), Free Summertime Shuttle, Free Digital on Demand Transit and Handy Dart.  

Satellite Sewerage System:

Council passed a motion during Council items that directs staff to bring forward a report and options for the consideration of a municipality owning a Satellite Sewerage System specifically on the property located at 4111 Evans Road, Roll No. 1807002.