Public Hearing:

Council heard from the public on the application to remove a land use contract from 13974 Ogilvey Road. The removal rezones the property to RR1 and accommodates an already existing secondary suite. Later in the evening, Council gave third reading of the bylaw to remove the land use contract.


Dr. Silvina Mema, Medical Health Officer, and Greg Baytalan, Specialist Environmental Health Officer, Interior Health presented to Council on Health Impacts of Radon. Noah Quastel, Director, Law and Policy, Healthy Indoor Environments, BC Lung Association also presented on the topic Radon Awareness to Action.  

Development Permit Extension:

Council approved a three-month extension for the Development Permit at 3118 Reimche Road. The applicant is proposing to construct a long-term care facility and now has until February 2, 2022 to meet the Development Permit conditions.  

Development Permit Amendment:

Council approved that the landscape security deposit payment be adjusted for the affordable housing project proposed for 9960 & 9970 Bottom Wood Lake Road. The deposit of $432,241 can now be paid by the applicant, prior to issuance of the Building Permit and not at issuance of the Development Permit. 

Zoning Amendment:

Council heard from the applicants regarding the rezoning application that would allow 4 (four) hectare lots throughout the Rural Large Parcel Oyama Road Zone. After hearing from the applicant Council agreed to closing the property owner’s joint application and requested that each property owner, interested in rezoning their property ,submit an individual application for consideration.   

Moberly Local Service Bylaw Repeal:

Council requested that the repeal bylaw be deferred to the next Regular Council Meeting. The delay allows for staff to respond to questions and concerns recently brought forward by Moberly property owners. 

Risk Management Policy Review:

Council adopted the recommendations brought forward to amend the policies Slope Stability Management and Fire Hydrants Inspection and Maintenance.  

Notice of Motion:

Council approved the notice of motion brought forward by Councillor Reed that staff investigate bylaw amendments like other communities that consider blunting mechanisms or alternatives for spiked fences to reduce unnecessary suffering of wildlife.  

Next Regular Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday November 16th at 7:00 pm. Watch Council meetings live from any device.