Tamsin Lyle, Principal, Ebbwater Consulting provided Council with a presentation on Flood Mitigation Planning. 

Development and Variance Permit:

Council determined earlier this year that the property on Beacon Hill Drive being developed by MacDonald Properties does not meet the established guidelines and that the requested variances are not sufficient due to site conditions. Council deferred the application back to staff a number of times which was considered once again at the Council table. After lengthy deliberation, Council approved the variances with the exception of not waiving the requirement for an emergency egress within the proposed sub-division. 

Land Use Contract Discharge:

Council approved the removal of the land use contract that rezones the property at 13974 Ogilvey Lane to RR1 and accommodates an already existing secondary suite. 

Official Community Plan Amendment:

Council approved the amendment of the official community plan at 5812 McCoubrey Road. The amendment allows for zoning classification changes. 

Moberly Local Service Bylaw Repeal:

Council approved that the Moberly Local Service Area Establishment Bylaw 1036, 2017; and Loan Authorization (Moberly) Bylaw 1038, 2017 be repealed. These bylaws had to be repealed due to being part of the original 2017 servicing strategy that is no longer valid.

Fire Hall Borrowing:

Council approved long-term borrowing in the amount of $6.124 million as approved in the Loan Authorization Fire Hall Bylaw. As the new fire hall approaches completion dollars borrowed from other District reserves can be repaid with borrowed funds.  

2022 Council Meeting Schedule:

Council approved the 2022 Council meeting schedule. Dates for all Council meetings can be found on-line on the Council calendar.  

Next Regular Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday December 7th at 7:00 pm. Watch Council meetings live from any device.