• Lauren Wishart Community Coordinator for the Central Okanagan from WildSafeBC presented to Council on progress of implemented programs aimed to educate and raise awareness about local wildlife.   
  • Highway 97 Safe Traffic Flow Working Group representative Pam Dane presented to Council on the mandate of the working group.  Council had the opportunity to watch the video produced by the working group that outlines and explains the issues.  

Non-Adhering Residential Use Application:

Council endorsed the application to construct temporary farm worker accommodations that would house up to 30 workers on Lot B, Okanagan Centre East Road. Council agreed that the application is an acceptable use of Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and will forward to ALC for final approval.  

Acting Mayor Appointments:

Council approved the appointments of Acting Mayor. 

2022 General Local Election and Referendum Summary:

Director of Corporate Services provided Council with a summary of the election results.  

External Committee Appointments:

Council approved the recommendations for Councillor representation on external committees.  

Notice of Motion:

Council approved the notice of motion brought forward by Councillor Reed that a letter be written to BC Electoral Commission supporting the proposed electoral boundaries.