Public Hearing:

Community members had the opportunity to address Council on the proposed Official Community Plan Amendment which consists of various changes to efficiently streamline processes. Later at the Regular Council meeting Council gave third reading to Official Community Plan Amendment (DP Exemptions) Bylaw 1225, 2024 and Official Community Plan Amendment (Subdivision) Bylaw 1226, 2024, and adopted Subdivision and Development Servicing Amendment Bylaw 1228, 2024 and Building Regulation Amendment Bylaw 1230, 2024 For full details on the OCP amendments visit Let’s Talk – Lake Country  

Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaw:

Council gave first reading to Development Cost Charges (DCC) Bylaw 1233, 2024.  Full details and background on the proposed DCC charges visit Let’s Talk – Lake Country  

2024 Water Conservation Plan:

Council adopted the Water Conservation Plan and referred the task of development Terms of Reference for an Agricultural Irrigation Usage Plan to the Water Services Advisory Committee. Full details can be found at Let’s Talk – Lake Country 

Carr’s Landing Water Servicing Strategy – Local Service Area Preference:

Council directed staff to proceed with public engagement on creating a Carr’s Landing Local Service Area. Council’s preferred process for establishing the local service area is through the Petition Against process which means more than 50% of the properties and land value must oppose the Local Service Area. Council also supported a cost per parcel funding structure.  Both preferences for the proposed local service area are subject to public feedback and establishment of an official local service area bylaw.

Carr’s Landing Water Servicing Strategy – Coral Beach Water System:

Council supported Coral Beach Water System being included in the Carr’s Landing Local Service Area, subject to public feedback.

Purpose-Built Rental Housing Incentive:

Council gave three readings to Purpose-Built Rental Housing Incentive Bylaw 1232, 2024. The tax exemption incentive will assist builders taking on rental housing projects in Lake Country.

Council Procedure Amendment:

Council gave three readings to the Council Procedure Amendment Bylaw 1229, 2024. Amendments will assist with Council meetings becoming more streamlined.