Council Pic

Public Hearing:

Council conducted a public hearing on a proposed OCP amendment. The amendment is required to facilitate a three-lot subdivision at 5812 McCoubrey Rd. There was no public comment aside from the applicant who spoke to the application. Council concluded the public hearing and gave third reading to the amendment at the Regular Council meeting following the Public Hearing.  

Development Variance Permit:

Council approved the application for a reverse “F” shaped dock with steel piles located at 17914 Juniper Cove Road. There was no public comment.  

Zoning Amendment:

Council gave first reading to the proposed uses and regulations for a new Direct Control (DC) zone to address the O’Rourke Family Vineyard development located in Carr’s Landing. The proposed development is extensive and would include a destination winery and complimentary facilities. Council agreed that prior to second reading a variety of topics must be addressed. 

Development Permit:

Council approved the application for the demolition of the existing single-family home located at 7650 Finch Road and replaced with a new home with an attached garage, along with the construction of a driveway. Approval is contingent on the applicant constructing a screened vegetation wall. 

Non-Adhering Residential Use Application:

Council supported the proposed expansion located at 2411 Davidson Road. The renovation includes the ground floor and the addition of a second level.  The decision on the application will be made by the Agriculture Land Commission (ALC).  

Loan Authorization Bylaw:

Council gave three readings to proceed with long‐term borrowing in the amount of $8,840,000 to undertake the wastewater treatment plant phase 4 upgrades. The alternative approval process will be used to determine community support for the loan.  

BC Transit:

Council approved the 2021‐2022 Annual Operating Agreement with BC Transit. The agreement will cost the District $101,983 for transit services provided to the community between April,2021 to March, 2022.  

Lake Pine Local Service Area Amendment Bylaw:

Council adopted the amended bylaw resulting in 13938 & 13976 Moberly Road being able to join the Lake Pine service area.  

Parks Development Cost Charge Amendment:

Council adopted the amended Park DCC charges bylaw, which is applicable to any new development applications.  

Councillor Items:

Council made a notice of motion that staff provide information detailing the steps and permits required along with the cost to determine if dredging the Wood Lake/Kalamalka Lake channel is feasible.