Development Approval Procedures Amendment Bylaw:

Council referred amendments to the development approval procedures bylaw back to staff and asked that the soon to arrive Director of Planning provide recommendations on how to move forward. The amendments were presented to Council in order to expedite review and approvals of planning applications. 

Council Procedures Amendment Bylaw:

Council approved the continued use of electronic or other communication means for conducting regular, special and committee meetings. 

Building Regulation Amendment (Provisional Occupancy) Bylaw and Fees Amendment Bylaw:

Council defeated the proposed building regulation amendment to provide provisional occupancy. Council felt District staffing is already strained and that there isn’t the capacity to manage provisional occupancy approvals.  

Crossing Agreement Covenant:

Council approved that the property owner at 17073 Coral Beach Road must place a crossing agreement covenant on title prior to proceeding with construction of a retaining wall.  

Notice of Motion:

Council discussed and defeated a notice of motion Councillor Kozub brought forward earlier this year. The motion was to waive the requirement for a business licence to allow a food dehydrating business located at 4-12840 Stillwater Court to proceed and that contraventions not be enforced. If the business owner wishes to establish a food dehydrating business at that location, they will need to apply for a temporary use permit.  

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