BC Emergency Health Services, Dan Zawyrucha who is the Manager of Patient Care Delivery, Okanagan North - presented to Council. 

Development Permit & Development Variance Permit:

Council denied the Development Permit for an 8-unit multiple family development located at 11326 Reimche Road. The applicant proposed a height variance increase of 2.5 storeys to 3 storeys. 

Temporary Use Permit:

Council approved a temporary use permit be extended at 15660 Oyama Road which allows for outdoor and indoor storage of recreational vehicles. 

Notice on Title:

Council approved placing a notice on title at 10175 Chase Road for reconstruction of an accessory building without a permit. 

Notice on Title:

Council approved delaying for three months a notice on title at 3223 Woodsdale Road due to placement of two storage containers without a permit. 

Streamline Inspection and Maintenance Policy:

Council adopted the Streamside Inspection and Maintenance Policy.