Lynn Fanelli, Executive Director of the Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society presented to Council highlights of the 2021 annual report. 

Development Permit & Development Variance Permit:

Council approved the development permit at 9960 & 9970 Bottom Wood Lake Road along with two variances that will accommodate the landscaping plan. The applicant is planning to construct a 196 residential development that will include a large affordable housing component.

Land Use Contract Discharge:

Council approved the application from 13974 Ogilvey Lane to discharge a land use contract and allow for rural residential 1 zoning to go into affect. Discharge of the land use contract allows the applicant to submit an application to construct a secondary suite within the home.

Avana Affordable Rental Housing Proposal

Council approved reducing the Development Cost Charges (DCC) by 50% along with a 100% 10 (ten) year tax exemption for the affordable rental housing units planned for the project which will be located at 9960 and 9970 Bottom Wood Lake Road.

Next Regular Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday October 19th at 7:00 p.m. 

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