Public Art Opportunity in Lake Country

The Lake Country Public Art Advisory Commission will be working with the Lake Country Garden Club to renew the existing mural on the retaining wall at the corner of Davidson Road and Bond Road in Lake Country, BC. This project is planned for the spring of 2024.

About the Public Art Project:

The first mural painted onto this retaining wall surface was developed as a community participation project in 2013. It is time to renew the mural. This high profile location of a four-way stop at two busy roads, its unique surface and shape,
and its proximity to an elementary school make for an appealing mural painting opportunity.

Project Goal:
The renewal of the existing mural in this prominent location provides an opportunity to create a new image for the community to enjoy. The goal for this public art project is to achieve a new image at this site that adds a relevant,
meaningful, and significant work of public art to the community.

Mural Concept:
Artists are invited to design and create a painted mural for this location that expresses the concepts suggested by and related to the subject of gardens, growing, and plants. Consideration of some of the following subjects, concepts and goals should be reflected in some way in the image, with the hopeful outcome of making the mural educative regarding these important topics: Plants of our gardens and hillsides, Indigenous plants, botanical labeling, water
management, environmental concerns, pollinators, invasive plants, insects and more. Artists will be able to consider this theme within the context of Lake Country and the broader area as appropriate given the subject for the mural.

Commission Fee:
The commission fee in the amount of $15,000 will be paid to the artist(s) for the creation of this mural. This is inclusive of all aspects of completing this public art project, including but not limited to: artist fees, design work, consultations, surface preparation, insurance, transportation, materials, supplies and tools, UV sealant, equipment purchases or rentals, and all other requirements for the project. 

Timelines and Process:
The timelines for this project are as follows:

  • January call for Artists distributed.
  • April 1 proposal submission deadline.
  • April review of proposals and selection of image/artist.
  • May/June completion of mural. 

Mural Size:
The surface that will be painted for this mural is approximately 1,150 square feet.


This Call is open to all artists in the Okanagan Valley. 

Possible Collaborations:
This Call for Artists allows for various collaborations among artists and mural painters. It is possible that a single artist would do all stages of this mural, or, several artists might design the image while mural painters transfer the image to
the wall. Or, other combinations of artists, technicians and professionals working together to complete this mural are possible. 

Project Requirements:
The image for this mural must be new, unique, and original. The artwork must be appropriate for an inclusive, family-friendly environment. It cannot contain any commercial imagery or logos, or function as a memorial to specific people or events. Given this is an outdoor painted mural, it is essential that the paints, the base primer, and the final sealant used are of high quality, are designed for this application, and are able to withstand the region’s seasonal, and at times, extreme climatic variations. The choice of materials must be explained in the application, which will be a key consideration in the selection process. The artist must follow all WorkSafeBC regulations. 

Proposal Delivery:
Proposal submissions may be submitted digitally to, or, may be dropped off or mailed to the Lake Country Municipal Hall, at 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road, in Lake Country. Submission must be made by 4:00 pm on April 1, 2024.

Proposal Submission Requirements:
Please ensure that your proposal includes all of the following components:

  • Completed Application Form included with this Call.
  • A complete description of the proposed mural project, including materials, equipment use, maintenance and anti-graffiti plan, and all other details required to complete this project.
  • A coloured drawing or painting of the proposed image.
  • A statement of the concept and significance of the image, and its connection to the theme for this project.
  • Proposed timelines for the various stages to complete the mural.
  • A budget for the proposed project.
  • A list of all Collaborators, if any, and their role in the project.
  • Resumes or CVs of all artists involved in the project.
  • Examples of past work (up to 5) and references for those past works.


Selection Process:
The Selection Committee will review the proposals using the following criteria.

  • artistic merit of the proposed image.
  • originality, creativity, and quality of the design concept and final image.
  • significance of the image in relation to the project concept.
  • capacity of the artist(s) and collaborators, related experience and knowledge.
  • plan for completing each stage of the mural project.
  • feasibility, quality, durability, and suitability of plans.

An interview may be part of this selection process.


If you have any questions about this Mural Project, please contact: Sharon McCoubrey, Chairperson, at or by phone at 250-864-2785.