pop up recycling depot in Lake Country

Reminder to Lake Country Residents: The Regional District Waste Reduction Office is hosting a pop-up recycling depot  in Lake Country this Saturday - July 16; (and again August 20, and September 17, so mark your calendar!). The pop-ups run from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the parking lot at the corner of Main Street and Hill Road (3165 Hill Road, across from the former Kangaroo farm). Staff will be on hand to answer any recycling questions.

These pop-up depots give Lake Country residents an opportunity to easily recycle their foam packaging, plastic bags and overwrap, glass bottles and jars, and other flexible plastic packaging (such as crinkly wrappers, stand up pouches and zipper bags). Electronics will also be accepted at these pop- up events. The pop-up depots are for residential recycling only, not commercial.

Glass, foam packaging and other flexible plastics are not allowed in the curbside collection cart program and residents typically travel to the nearest depots in Kelowna to properly recycle these items.

Rae Stewart, Waste Reduction Facilitator says “We are trial testing these innovative pop-up depot events this year to make recycling more accessible for our residents. As the name suggests, pop-up events are by nature temporary, held in unique spaces, and last for a few hours. Our aim is ultimately to connect with as many residents as possible on a one-on-one basis, to increase recycling awareness, and keep recyclable material from the landfill.”

An inaugural Recycling pop- up depot was held in Lake Country June 18th and 168 citizens brought in enough to fill 3 full super sacs of plastic bags & overwrap; 3 super sacs of other flexible plastic packaging; 4 super sacs of paper and cardboard; 2 1/2 super sacs of electronics plus light bulbs and batteries; 1 super sac of glass and 5 super sacs of white styrofoam. Wow!! 

To find out more about the pop-up depots, or for more information about what materials can be recycled, go to rdco.com/recycle, or email recycle@rdco.com.