Water Utility technician inspects water level at Beaver Lake control 2018-04-24

Freshet is underway with peak runoff flows from higher elevation snow melt to the valley bottom estimated to occur within the next three weeks. With warmer weather being experienced and rainfall in the forecast, residents throughout the Central Okanagan are asked to be alert and, more importantly, to prepare as these factors can affect the risk of flooding.

As of Friday, April 27th there is no imminent risk of flooding in Lake Country.

District of Lake Country staff and contractors have worked very hard on flood preparedness including numerous restoration, mitigation and preparation efforts in order to proactively reduce risk to District infrastructure and the community at large.

“We are well positioned to avoid flooding issues throughout the District,” said Greg Buchholz, Infrastructure Services Director. “We will continue to monitor the situation and are prepared to shift tactics and respond to emergency situations should they arise.”

All property owners living near creeks and streams in the Central Okanagan, especially those who have historically experienced flooding, are responsible for protecting their buildings, structures and properties from groundwater and potential flood damage.

Residents are reminded to subscribe to email updates at www.cordemergency.ca and check the Lake Country website at www.lakecountry.bc.ca for additional local information.