I’m relieved and grateful that everyone in Lake Country will have the option to go home later this afternoon. Please continue to follow cordemergency.ca for exact timing of the rescinding of evacuation orders.  

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - the uncompromising effort and sheer determination of the Lake Country Fire Department, under the leadership of Fire Chief Lee, Deputy Fire Chief Brent Penner and Deputy Fire Chief Kynan O’Rourke - makes me immensely proud to live in Lake Country. The sacrifices made by the entire department over the past nine days is beyond remarkable.  I want to thank our staff at the District who have worked around the clock throughout the fire. This includes public works, water, sewer, parks, engineering, bylaw, finance, IT, communications, administration and a big shout out to our customer service team who managed hundreds of phone calls and emails from the community. Thank you to everyone who rolled up their sleeves and pitched in.  Also, a shout out to BC Wildfire and the countless fire departments that assisted, making the sacrifice to travel to Lake Country from all over the Province.  

As you return home, please review answers to questions you might have, to help assist you with the safe transition back. Continue to monitor the cordemergency.ca status updates. The Lake Country Wildfire is being held but it’s not under control – there are several areas still under alert, please don’t let your guard down. 

It’s important that the public stay out of the forested areas that were under evacuation order. The future Summit phase of Lakestone is and will continue to be under evacuation order for the foreseeable future. Everyone must stay out of the area. Please use common sense and exercise caution – don’t take risks, it’s not worth it. 

Look after each other, lets support our friends and family on the Westside and West Kelowna, they are going to need us. We will rebuild our neighbourhoods and return to the Lake Country way. 

With gratitude,

Mayor Ireland

We are Lake Country.

Photo – Mayor Ireland and Kelly McIntosh, Executive Coordinator, DLC - express gratitude to the firefighters and staff for everyone's hard work.