The addition of a Cultural Development Coordinator position has recently been approved by Mayor and Council and a posting has just gone up on the website today. The new position will be responsible for the coordination of the community theatre, open air performances, public art supervision, cultural and heritage events, and working with various community organizations.

Fostering and enhancing the growth of a culturally vibrant and creative municipality is a goal of Council as Lake Country becomes well-known for its desirable lifestyle in the fastest growing municipality in the province. The contracted Creekside Theatre manager, Horst Jassmann, retires at the end of the year; and the Open Air Performance Society founders had a vision for providing free music in the community parks with the coordination for the concerts to eventually become a municipal function. Council heard from residents in the 2015 community survey that seventy-five percent felt the District of Lake Country should consider organizing destination events in the community. It has become evident that a Cultural Development Coordinator position would be a valuable one in Lake Country.

"We really appreciate the success that Creekside Theatre manager Horst Jassmann has made of the venue in coordinating performances and events at our local community theatre during his 16-year tenure," said Mayor James Baker. "Lake Country was a forerunner in community space sharing and efficiently using available resources when we made the arrangement to collaborate with the School District on that shared-used facility."

"We've seen all aspects of support in the community grow over the past eight years for free open air concerts every summer, including performers, volunteers, sponsors, concession stands, community organization and people attending," said Grant Lawrence, co-founder of Lake Country Open Air Performance Society. "The volunteer board members are happy to turn over the responsibility for coordinating the summer Saturday evening performances in the parks to the municipality. We had a very dedicated group that worked hard to get this off the ground a big thanks goes out to them. Having it overseen by a staff member will ensure that volunteers don't get burned out and that the events continue for years to come."

The new position will be the first point of contact for arts and culture organizations in Lake Country and will work cooperatively with the Recreation and Customer Services Supervisor on the integration of arts and culture programs and events in the community.


For more information contact:
Reyna Seabrook, Corporate Services Manager, District of Lake Country
Tel 250-766-5650 (ext. 206) or