With a solid asset management program and good understanding of existing infrastructure systems and future needs, the District of Lake Country is pursuing an overarching Information Management Strategy (IMS) including a 5-year Organizational Integration Plan. The Province of BC is assisting local governments by supporting activities that advance asset management planning or practices and facilitate better integration of asset management planning with long term financial planning.

"Municipal staff have been working with elected officials and citizens to achieve fully sustainable service delivery," says Greg Buchholz, Director of Infrastructure Services. "Efforts continue to focus on balancing the level of service with the appropriate funding to eliminate all unfunded liabilities. This project will provide a good framework for integrating capital projects on a priority basis considering risk, reward and efficiencies."

The District currently has independent information repositories across the organization. Departments use a variety of classification systems, storage methods, data management, access permissions and technology.

"Having an Information Management Strategy will build capacity within our organization," said Reyna Seabrook, Corporate Services Manager. "This project will specifically support business decision making and break down silos amongst departments, eliminate duplication and fragmented activities across the organization, and increase productivity and efficiency."

The IMS will involve an in-depth analysis of the organization, people, processes and technology at work at the District of Lake Country. It will result in the development of step-by-step recommendations on how to transition to an organization-wide management system over a 5-year period that is consolidated, streamlined, integrated and interfaces with GIS.

The support of senior levels of government through this grant demonstrates how important effective information and infrastructure asset management is to municipalities, regions, and to the province.

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For more information contact:

Reyna Seabrook, Corporate Services Manager
District of Lake Country
Tel 250-766-5650 (ext. 206)

Greg Buchholz, Director of Infrastructure Services
District of Lake Country
Tel 250-766-5650 (ext. 222)