We’d like to thank everyone for all their support and cooperation during the recent wildfire that affected our community. FireSmart principles are some of the best methods to take action to protect your home. During a wildfire response from the Lake Country Fire Department, your proactive actions can help create more positive outcomes, even in a dynamic wildfire situation.

Lake Country Fire Department (LCFD) is pleased to engage homeowners in voluntary wildfire mitigation activities by offering a free professional home assessment with property-specific recommendations for property owners in Lake Country. When completing the FireSmart assessment recommendations, homeowners may be eligible for a rebate of up to $500. 

“By taking action and creating a FireSmart property, property owners will dramatically increase the resistance to damage caused by wildfire,” says Eric DeGelder, Fire Inspector. “The best part is, it’s surprisingly easy to do. Changes made to the area closest to your home, and your home itself, have the greatest potential to reduce the risk of wildfire damage.”

The free assessment allows a FireSmart Mitigation Specialist to evaluate a home and property for wildfire exposure and provide property-specific recommendations to the homeowner. Homeowners can then complete some, or all, of the recommendations, which helps increase the resiliency of homes in our community in the face of wildfire threat.

The FireSmart Home Partners Program is a collaboration between FireSmart Canada, FireSmart BC, provincial governments, local governments, Indigenous communities, the private sector and homeowners in Canada.

Lake Country residents who are interested in scheduling their free assessment can visit FireSmart/application or email FireSmart@lakecountry.bc.ca to get started.

By taking steps to reduce fire risks on properties, we are helping change the safety culture of our community and giving our firefighters a better opportunity to defend our homes against wildfire. Visit firesmartbc.ca/ to learn more.