Lake Country was acknowledged as a sustainability leader by the Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC) at their annual Awards for Excellence in Planning and Individual Achievement banquet held in Vancouver on June 18, 2015. The high caliber of the District of Lake Country's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) was noted amongst other leading planning projects throughout British Columbia.

Lake Country is uniquely located between two larger centres, blessed with a large agricultural base and rapidly-growing population. Mayor James Baker explains: "We have worked very hard to enhance our community sustainability, including supporting local agriculture, the arts community, maintaining and investing in community infrastructure, and supporting the development of a vibrant town centre."

With funding support from the Government of Canada through the Gas Tax Initiative, the ICSP is a roadmap to work toward environmental, cultural, social, and economic goals for Lake Country. With extensive input from the public, the plan's bold vision is that "Lake Country be a healthy, sustainable community that attracts and retains residents, businesses and visitors because of its employment opportunities, outstanding outdoor recreation, thriving arts and culture, special agricultural character, natural beauty, and easy access to urban amenities."

"The Lake Country ICSP was developed in partnership with a core group of community stakeholders, including arts and cultural groups, educational institutions and other agencies, environmental organizations, as well as the Chamber of Commerce, and individual volunteers," explains Director of Community Services, Mark Koch. Public outreach included a stakeholder forum, community visioning workshop, public survey, as well as a dedicated team of local youth known as the "Street Team" who attended numerous local events to solicit further public input.

Quick to highlight the collective efforts that went into developing the plan, Mayor Baker notes: "what sets the new Lake Country ICSP apart for me is the extent to which it was community-driven, with a lot of work put into the process by members of the public, dedicated stakeholders, my Council colleagues, and also staff."

The Lake Country ICSP was formally adopted on July 3, 2014.

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