October 16, 2022 - Updated with correct total ballots cast.

October 15, 2022 - The residents of Lake Country had their say in the 2022 General Election and Waterfront Property Referendum.  There were a total of 2,020 ballots cast in the community during Advance Voting Days, General Election Day, and ballots received by mail.   

The majority of voters also indicated opposition for borrowing up to $8,000,000 to purchase waterfront property for community use.  There were 929 in favour and 1,063 opposed when asked on the ballot: “Are you in favour of the District of Lake Country authorizing Loan Authorization (Waterfront Property) Bylaw 1187, 2022 to authorize the borrowing of up to $8,000,000 to purchase waterfront property for community use?” 

Welcome to the following members of the new Lake Country Council. 

Preliminary Election Results

Blair Ireland, Mayor, Acclaimed

Michael Lewis, Councillor at Large                    

Bib Patel, Councillor at Large                                

Heather Irvine, Winfield Councillor                     

Tricia Brett, Okanagan Centre Councillor           

Cara Reed, Carr’s Landing Councillor, Acclaimed

Todd McKenzie, Oyama Councillor, Acclaimed

Amy Geistlinger, Candidate for School Trustee, was acclaimed for the 2022 term of office.

Voting Details:



IRELAND, Blair - Acclaimed

Councillor at Large (two elected)

LEWIS, Michael - Total 1,333 votes (496 Advance Voting, 837 General Voting Day)                                                 

PATEL, Bib - Total 1,461 votes (527 Advance Voting, 934 General Voting Day)                      

SCARROW, Bill - Total 676 votes (249 Advance Voting, 427 General Voting Day)                                                      

Councillor - Winfield (one elected)

IRVINE, Heather - Total 552 votes (182 Advance Voting, 370 General Voting Day)               

KOZUB, Jerremy - Total 512 votes (195 Advance Voting, 317 General Voting Day)                                                  

Councillor - Okanagan Centre (one elected)

BRETT, Tricia – Total 368 votes (129 Advance Voting, 239 General Voting Day)                                                        

HASTINGS, Riley - Total 198 votes (71 Advance Voting, 127 General Voting Day)  

Councillor - Carr's Landing

REED, Cara - Acclaimed

Councillor - Oyama

MCKENZIE, Todd - Acclaimed


GEISTLINGER, Amy - Acclaimed

For more information about the election process and candidates, please see www.lakecountry.bc.ca/elections or contact the Chief Election Officer at 250-766-5650.