Please note that due to the Lake Country Wildfires the following services will either be limited or not available throughout the week of August 21st to August 25th.

Curbside Collection:

    • Recycling and garbage collection will continue in all areas not under Alert or Evacuation
    • Yard waste collection will be halted until further notice.

Activity Programming:

    • District of Lake Country activity programming is cancelled the week of August 21-25. Cancellations include all activities including fitness classes, swimming lessons and gym programs. Please do not contact the District as cancellations and refunds will be processed automatically by August 28th. 

Municipal Hall:

    • Due to staff shortages throughout the week, limited services at Municipal Hall will be offered. If you need to contact a staff member, please consider communicating through email. For general information please refer to To report a problem/request for service or to contact bylaw - you can do so by submitting the required information through the website.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as the community navigates through this difficult time. Please continue to look out for one another and stay safe.