Beasley Park is a community legacy thanks to thousands of hours of volunteer work, several fundraising projects and donations from local businesses and individuals. When the Lake Country Soccer Society (LCSS) has a vision, they see it through to fruition; and in this case, the broader community has benefited from their dedicated efforts.

To bring you up to speed on how the past 20 years has unfolded resulting in Beasley Park being transformed from a hay field to one of the premier soccer facilities in the Okanagan Valley, we must recognize the dedicated efforts of the Lake Country Soccer Society directors and members. The land for Beasley Park was originally purchased by the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) twenty years ago (1992) and then was transferred to the District of Lake Country upon incorporation in 1995. The Lake Country Soccer Society was also established in 1995 and had a strong vision for furthering the sport of soccer in the community.

It was that passionate vision and a strong volunteer work ethic that created the two original soccer fields from an old hay field at what is now known as Beasley Park. The success of the park sparked the need for a facility to house the club and provide adequate dressing rooms for the high profile soccer matches that the park was then attracting. From that need, the Beasley Community Centre was constructed in 2001; and many sports teams and community groups have enjoyed the use of this facility for various functions and activities.

In 2010 the District of Lake Country took over the management of the soccer fields from LCSS and then in 2011 assumed the maintenance responsibility for the fields as well. To continue and build on the traditions started by LCSS, the Parks & Recreation staff have increased aeration and fertilization, installed a new central computerized irrigation control system to improve the efficiency of water distribution, utilized new mowing equipment to keep the fields in top condition and a sweeper to clear goose droppings from the soccer fields. The management and maintenance of the community centre also became the responsibility of the District in 2010; and retrofits and upgrades have included a new air conditioning system, bleacher enclosure to reduce vandalism, storage space enclosure, as well as repairs and upgrades to bring the facility up to the current fire code. Community centre renovations will start in November and lighting installation for field ,2 will be complete in August 2012. These two projects are made possible through the Community Recreation Grant program in the amount of $400,000. And as part of the District increased heritage program, a new Heritage marker will be installed this month on the Beasley Park site adjacent to the public art.

So our heartfelt thanks go out to the many hard working volunteers and organizations for their contributions towards creating a superior soccer facility and community amenity which provides increased recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities!