October 14, 2022 - In October, the District of Lake Country will be removing a species of invasive tree in the Carr’s Landing and Okanagan Centre area called “Tree of Heaven” (Ailanthus altissima). 

Unfortunately, invasive plants occur in most natural areas in the District, and, with limited resources, we focus our attention on the most pressing issues. The Tree of Heaven is becoming abundant in our westernmost neighbourhoods.

The Tree of Heaven produces an overly abundant number of seeds, prevents other plants from growing nearby by creating dense thickets that crowd out native species and producing a chemical that is toxic to other plants. Tree of Heaven produces a lot of pollen which can trigger allergies, and its leaves, branches, seeds, and bark can irritate the skin.

Crews will work on public land including parks and roads ends, beginning at the Toby Road End and Gable Beach Park, then heading south, removing as much of the invasive plant as possible in the given timeframe, weather dependent.

The impact of invasive plants is felt from the local to the global scale. In recent decades there has been a tremendous expansion of invasive plant species infesting natural areas across British Columbia, particularly in the Okanagan valley due to the significant landscape modification. There is an ongoing threat to both natural and managed areas, as new invasive plants arrive in the Okanagan.

For more information, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 250-766-3030.