Effective Tuesday June 29th stage 1 water restrictions are in place for all properties within the District of Lake Country. 

Recent hot temperatures is making it imperative for everyone to do everything possible to immediately conserve water. In addition to wise water practices such as not irrigating in the heat of the day, when it’s windy or on non-vegetative surfaces, please take a moment to review the Make Water Work website to find other ways we can all contribute to water conservation. The District has noticed that water users in the Oyama area are currently putting the most strain on the local water system. The District is requesting that all residents, in particular in Oyama, pay close attention to their watering practices.

How does stage 1 impact me?

Residential and Commercial:

  • Property addresses that end with an even number may water on even numbered calendar days.
  • Property addresses that end with an odd number may water on odd numbered calendar days.
  • Irrigation with automated timing is to be done between 12:00 am and 6:00 am. Manual watering may take place in the evenings and mornings.
  • There are no restrictions at this time on pools and hot tubs.


  • Maximum of 762mm application (3,083 m3 per acre of water rights) for 108 days.

Anyone not complying with the restrictions are subject to a $150 fine per occurrence. If you have any questions about the schedule please refer to the website. You may report a violation through the Report a Problem form at or contact Bylaw Services at 250-766-6673.