On January 4th, 2022 Council will be considering the draft five (5) year financial plan which includes the 2022 budget. Council will consider a proposed base tax increase of 4.85% along with other budget items that require attention. Council will deliberate on the budget proposal and make the final decisions after carefully reviewing community input gathered throughout the months of January and February -- including a virtual town hall scheduled for February 8th, 2022. Everyone in the community is encouraged to get involved and share their interests and concerns in a meaningful and constructive manner to help shape the 2022 budget.

Proposed Community Needs

Proposed 2022 Increase

Dollar Value Attributable to Existing Properties

Approximate Average Home Increase

($760,000 – BC Assessment 2021 Avg in Lake Country)


Road Maintenance Contract  




Consumer Price Index




RCMP Staff Increase




IT Services Contracts




Phase Out - Fire Servicing Contract




École H.S. Grenda Maintenance of Shared Spaces Increase




For each 0.01% added to the budget - the average home will pay approximately an additional $0.19 towards municipal services.

Municipalities in BC are governed by the Province and have a requirement to provide the community roads, water, waste water and policing.  Each year the District must have an approved budget that is linked to a five (5) year financial plan. The proposed yearly budget is linked to population growth as well as a careful review of what services and facilities the community requires throughout the calendar year.

Road Maintenance Contract:

With severe weather events becoming increasingly frequent and the safety of the community being paramount, the need to plan for additional snow clearing of both roads and sidewalks is necessary. In addition, the District is responsible for de-icing, street sweeping, and maintenance of gravel roads, while continuously ensuring established levels of service are maintained. These services all come with a cost. Local to Lake Country- the team at Digg’N 4 U, provides the community with timely and responsive road maintenance, with the goal of keeping Lake Country safe year-round.

Consumer Price Index:

Consumer Price Index also known as CPI, is used to measure the average cost change over time in the prices paid for goods and services, and accounts for inflation. Inflation for services has risen significantly over the past 12 months ranging from 3.5% - 4% in BC. As a result, there has been increases on most goods and services costs in addition to wage and benefit increases.

RCMP Staff Increase:

In 2020 Council approved the cost of acquiring five (5) additional RCMP officers. Half the cost of the new officers was incorporated into the 2020 budget and the second half in 2021. Currently the Lake Country detachment has a compliment of 14 RCMP members and adequate budget to recruit additional members to support the community as we continue to grow. In 2021 the collective agreement for the RCMP was ratified resulting in a 23.7% wage increase over six years. RCMP wages and wage increases are to be budgeted by the municipality they support.

IT Service Contracts:

Streamlining building and development permit applications, improving data management processes, and boosting efficiencies requires substantial upgrades to the District’s technology platforms. In addition to implementing service contracts with vendors, annual fees must be budgeted for. Technology along with process improvements will result in enhanced customer service levels. 

Phase Out - Fire Servicing Contract:

In 2021 the City of Kelowna phased out the fire protection contract they had in place with the District of Lake Country Fire Department. This resulted in a net reduction in revenue from the prior year budget.

École H S Grenda Middle Maintenance of Shared Spaces:

Earlier this year the new middle school opened its doors welcoming grade six (6) and seven (7) students as well as offering the French immersion program. The District has the opportunity to utilize common areas of the middle school to offer programming to the community. The proposed lease arrangement will be similar to the agreement that has provided community programing at George Elliot Secondary School.  

Share your Viewpoint:

Council wants to hear what you think about the five (5) year financial plan and the 2022 budget. On January 4th beginning at 4:30 pm Council will review the proposed financial plan in detail at the Special Council Meeting, and you are invited to join in person or virtually from the comfort of your home on any device. On February 8th join Council for a virtual town hall. This will be an excellent opportunity to ask questions and tell Council what your priorities are for Lake Country. Review the draft five (5) year financial plan, documents, important meeting dates, links, and to submit questions or comments visit Let’s Talk - Lake Country.

Stay Informed:

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