Council Pic

Public Comment:

Nick Kozub spoke in support for implementing a wildlife and vector program in Lake Country and supports the notice of motion brought forward by Councillor Kozub.

Liquor Licence Application:

Council gave support for a referral received from the BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch regarding the application from Lake Country Brew Pub for a liquor licence. The pub will be located at 4-10058 Highway 97 North and has applied to have the option to serve liquor seven days a week between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:00 pm.

Development Variance Permit:

Council approved the application for a U-shaped dock located at 13614 Carr’s Landing Road. The application was initially considered on July 6th however Council had concerns regarding the design and the potential negative impact to citizens using the lake in that area. The applicant adjusted the design which satisfied Council’s concerns.    

Development Permit:

Council approved the development permit at 10386 Newene Road for a fabric covered structure that has been on the property since 2017.

Community Engagement Grant:

Council approved the following grants:

  • $1,000 for the Lake Country Tennis Club to be used for a storage shed at Woodsdale Park.
  • $2,000 for the Lake Country Pickleball Association for bleachers and an entrance gate at Benchlands Park.
  • $5,000 for the Lake Country Rotary Club for the Museum Annex upgrades.

Grant In-Aid:

Council approved the following grant in-aid:

  • $2,000 for a Lake Country Community Fridge project.

Nuisance Bylaw Amendment:

Council gave three readings to amend the nuisance bylaw to include lighting as well as amend the Bylaw Enforcement & Building Compliance Policy to include the criteria for determining nuisance.

Proactive Bylaw Enforcement Priorities:

Council approved the proposed bylaw enforcement priorities. These include: illegal vacation rentals; nuisance lighting and nuisance odour; illegal parking focused on areas that are of high public use; and encroachments into public right of way that affect public access or the environment.

Subdivision and Development Servicing Amendment Bylaws

Council adopted the amendment to the Subdivision and Development Servicing (SDDS) Bylaw which outlines the minimum standards for infrastructure required to be constructed when a subdivision or development occurs within the District. To ensure compliance and create a fair and consistent process the SDDS Bylaw specifies the application and approval process for design submissions. Council agreed that the bylaw required clarification and modification to ensure the procedures are well defined and understood by all users.

Councillor Notice of Motions:

  • Council carried the motion that Councillor Kozub brought forward July 6th that staff investigate and report back on a potential wildlife and vector program within the District.
  • Council carried the motion that Councillor Ireland brought forward July 6th that amendments to the District building regulation and zoning bylaws be considered to ensure stepped back retaining walls have plantings and screening.