Special Council Meeting – July 18th

O’Rourke Family Vineyard:

On June 1, 2021, Zoning Amendment (Z2020-004) Bylaw No. 1156, 2021 DC-13 Zone was presented to Council for First Reading. On Monday at the Special Council meeting, Council was provided an update regarding 12 items that require further work and information from the applicant, prior to Second Reading being considered (date to be determined).

DC-13 = Direct Control-13 Zone - This zone provides for the development of a resort commercial, as well as agricultural and residential accomodation units, which include two or more land use designations and accessory grounds, as an integrated unit based upon a comprehensive development project. Year-round occupancy is allowable within each resort commercial/ residential units.

 Regular Council Meeting – July 19th

Development Permit:

Council approved the development application at 13614 Carr’s Landing Road for an inground swimming pool and pool deck to be located to the rear of the house, adjacent to Okanagan Lake.

Planning Department Workload Update:                                    

Director of Planning and the Planning Manager presented to Council the services and functions the Planning department provides for the community, along with the current workload. Staff also reviewed the current backlog along with suggested ways the current backlog could be addressed moving forward.

Risk Management Policy: Pavement Markings Inspection and Maintenance:

Council approved establishing levels of service with respect to the inspection and maintenance of Pavement Markings on District property.

Risk Management Policy: Traffic Signage Inspection and Maintenance

Council adopted the policy for traffic signage, inspection, and maintenance.