On January 31st Council reviewed the five-year financial plan that includes the draft 2023 budget. After careful consideration of information presented and discussion from the January 26th meeting, Council gave first reading to the 2023 budget as follows:

Base Increase – 12.83% which includes:

  • RCMP impact due to increase in population.
  • Loss of fire contract with the City of Kelowna.
  • Road maintenance contract.
  • Inflationary contractual and wage rate increases.

Operating Supplementals – 4.22%

Total Proposed Increase at First Reading – 17.05%

Council made the decision to delay funding for Pelmewash Rock Stability initiative and to revisit the initiative again in 2024.

Feedback on the proposed budget can be provided through Let’s Talk – Lake Country  up until February 23rd when Council will reconvene for second and third reading of the draft budget.

Following Tuesday’s Special Council meeting, Council hosted a hybrid public town hall which enabled community members to participate by commenting or asking questions through Facebook LIVE, Council streaming with phone call participation; and in person at Municipal Hall. Council appreciates the response from community members to be involved, engaged and provide comments on the 2023 budget.

Stay involved:

  • Lake Country is your community and it’s your responsibility to be involved as Council makes decisions that impact all property owners. There are several ways to do this.

Know the facts:

Ask questions and provide your comments:

  • Social media is a tool for information and conversation however if you don’t submit your questions and comments through Let’s Talk – Lake Country it’s likely Council won’t see it and will miss the opportunity of knowing what you’re thinking.