On Tuesday December 19th beginning at 5:30 pm Council will deliberate the five-year financial plan (2024-2028) which includes a deep dive into the 2024 budget.

Community safety is the highest priority for Lake Country Council to consider in the 2024 budget process. Impacts of the August wildfires are still top of mind as they effected many Lake Country residents. Some Lake Country firefighting equipment was damaged during the August 2023 wildfires. Also, several pieces of equipment and vehicles are nearing end of life, and the recent events have accelerated the aging process and need to be replaced. Having modern and up-to-date technology in gear, tools and equipment will give the Lake Country fire department the upper hand, when unavoidable events - like wildfires - strike our community.

In 2022 Lake Country surpassed the 15,000-population threshold resulting in increased cost to the District for RCMP strength to support the growing community.  In 2023 Council started down the path of growing the membership from 18 to 24 and in the 2024 budget, Council is considering increasing the membership to 20.

Staff is recommending that Council consider a 10.02% property tax increase in 2024, to support community safety, keeping up with rising costs of delivering services, long-term infrastructure planning and asset management, and wage increases required to attract and retain skilled staff.

A 1% tax increase translates to approximately $200,000 in revenue. The impact of the proposed 10.02% property tax increase to Lake Country property owners would result in a $261 yearly increase on a 2023 average priced single-family home of $1,087,000.  

Get Involved!

As 2024 budget deliberations start on Tuesday evening, it is important that everyone get involved and let Council know your thoughts on the proposed budget. Budget details can be found at Let’s Talk-Lake Country. Review the information and leave your questions/comments on the official webpage. Staff will ensure that all feedback received from the community on the 2024 draft budget is relayed to Council prior to adoption of the five-year financial plan.

Mark your calendar – A Community Town Hall will be held on Tuesday January 23rd beginning at 7pm. Participate in person, at Municipal Hall, Council meeting streaming or watch the recording after the meeting – your choice. Submit a question before the meeting through Let’s Talk – Lake Country.

Important to note – aside from District official social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) – staff do not regularly monitor comments or conversations on external pages and groups.