I’m extremely pleased that more properties have now been downgraded from an evacuation order to evacuation alert. Chief Lee and I are still hopeful and working as hard as we can to allow all remaining properties back home by Saturday night. Keep in mind this can only be done if it is safe to do so.

As everyone is anxious to go home – it’s important to remember that there might be property and/or vehicle damage. You might see yellow tape placed by the fire department on your home. Please note that the yellow tape is to indicate there is some damage to the property. You do not need to contact the District or the Fire Department – please reach out to your insurance company to initiate a claim. 

As I mentioned yesterday, there are still active fires. Do not go into treed areas where there has been fire or where you see smoldering. Trees could come down at anytime and crews need the community to stay clear of these areas. I assure you we will let you know when it’s safe to go back into our parks and trails.

There are so many dynamic factors to the phased approach, of allowing community members to go home. Factors include active fires, danger tree removal and area clean up. I want everyone to go home, but it can only be when it’s safe to do so.

As you prepare to return home, please review answers to questions you might have, to help assist you with the safe transition back home. Continue to monitor the cordemergency.ca status updates. As new information is released on properties permitted to go home, emails will be sent out directly to your inbox (make sure you are subscribed).

Please go home, enjoy being back in familiar surroundings, but please don’t forget areas are still under alert. Be cautious, be smart – do not take any risks or compromise your safety.

With gratitude,

Mayor Ireland

We are Lake Country.