On January 4th Council reviewed the draft five-year financial plan that includes the draft 2022 budget. After careful consideration of the community input throughout 2021 and taking note of the priorities for municipal services expressed by citizens, Council gave first reading to support a proposed 6.62% increase, however, Council is asking the community to provide comments on the proposed increase. Feedback can be provided through Let’s Talk – Lake Country and by attending the February 8th virtual town hall that will begin at 7:00 pm.

The proposed 4.85% base increase consists of expenditures required to maintain current standards including year-round sidewalk and road maintenance and current levels of protective services. The additional 1.77% proposed increase includes engineering and environmental consulting services, line painting, road signage, fleet maintenance, arts & culture, a deputy fire chief as well as various part-time positions. Other proposed expenditures were supported, however Council recommended that the cost be funded for one year, through one time reserve funds and not through a tax increase. The grant was provided to the District from the Province in 2020.  Full budget details and breakdown of cost can be found at Let’s Talk – Lake Country.

How does the BC Assessment value impact my municipal tax assessment?

Earlier this month BC Assessment released assessments throughout BC that state the value of properties as of July 2021. The average Lake Country single family home is now valued at $993,000 representing a 30.57% increase from 2021. Property owners might be concerned that due to escalating property values, that their municipal tax assessment will increase by the same percentage. This is a common misconception, and the most important factor is not how much your assessed value has changed, but how your assessed value has changed relative to the average change for your property class within the District:

  • If your property’s value change was Lower than the average change of 30.57% for the residential class, the impact will likely result in a property tax decrease from 2021*.
  • If your property’s value change was Similar to the average change of 30.57% for the residential class, the impact will likely result in no change to your property tax from 2021*.
  • If your property’s value change was Higher than the average change of 30.57% for the residential class, the impact will likely result in a property tax increase from 2021*.

*Prior to considering the 2022 proposed tax increase.

Why is the former firehall not being sold to offset District expenses?

Council made the decision in 2021 to not pursue selling the former firehall for a variety of reasons. As the District continues to grow and expand, so will the need for additional property and space to accommodate functions essential for municipal operations to support the growing community. Council has directed that securing options for the future is essential, due to escalating cost of property within the community.

Stay involved.

Lake Country is your community and it’s your responsibility to be involved as Council makes decisions that impact all property owners. There are several ways to do this:

Know the facts:

Ask questions and provide your comments:

  • Social media is a tool for information and conversation however if you don’t submit your questions and comments through Let’s Talk – Lake Country it’s likely Council won’t see it, and miss the opportunity of knowing what you’re thinking.

 Attend the virtual town hall on February 8th beginning at 7:00 pm

  • Council will be available to answer questions and listen to what your community priorities are. Your input is appreciated and valued – please attend.
  • Questions about the virtual town hall? Email communications@lakecountry.bc.ca

Revised - January 4, 2022

Breakdown of 2022 Proposed Increase

Proposed Community Needs

Proposed 2022 Increase

Dollar Value Attributable to Existing Properties

Approximate Average Home Increase

($993,000 – BC Assessment 2021 Avg in Lake Country)


Road Maintenance Contract  




Consumer Price Index




RCMP Staff Increase




IT Services Contracts




Phase Out - Fire Servicing Contract



$  8.05

Ecole H.S. Grenda Maintenance of Shared Spaces Increase



$  3.22

Engineering and Environmental Consulting Service



$  2.28

Line Painting



$  2.28

Road Signage



$  2.28

Fleet Maintenance



$  4.57

Additional Arts & Culture



$  0.81

Deputy Fire Chief




Various Part-Time Positions



$  7.38