American Rock Legends - Tribute - Bob Seger and John Fogerty

Bob Seger/John Fogerty Tribute Show set to Rock Creekside Theatre this June

Versatile, talented, and most of all, having the knack for performing remarkable tribute shows, Vancouver's March Hare Band starring Dan Hare, is bringing Rock Legends: A Bob Seger/John Fogerty Tribute Show to Creekside Theatre this June.

Combining the hits of CCR's John Fogerty with classic rock tunes of Bob Seger, Dan Hare together with his band, is able to bring the uncanny likeness of both legends to the stage to wow and impress audiences.

From Western Canada to the Bahamas, the March Hare Band have been performing events ranging from theme shows, private corporate events, parties, and more. Their ability to transform their music to suit the audience is one of their endearing qualities.

Whether the 4-piece band is crooning out the hits of rock and roll legends of the 70's, or performing high energy dance pieces, they are doing it with flare and expertise.

According to Dan, the band continues to "develop and polish various shows to provide a wide variety of options for our clients and venues."

"Living up to our moniker “All Your Favorite Bands in One” is a welcome challenge that keeps it fun and fresh for us and our audiences."

In the upcoming Tribute show at Creekside Theatre, Dan Hare and bandmates will be expertly merging their show "Centerfield" which features John Fogerty/CCR hits, with "Night Moves", recreating the Bob Seger classics.

Featuring songs from his later days as well as days with CCR, March Hare's "Centerfield" will encompass a wide range of John Fogerty hits, while "Night Moves" will play tribute to Bob Seger rock classics like "Old Time Rock and Roll" and "Hollywood Nights".

Just as John Fogerty put it himself, explicitly, “I tried to stretch [the song] and make it bigger so that it wasn’t just a song about me, so that lots of other people could look into the song and see themselves in it, too […]", which is just what the tribute show is all about—being accessible for anyone wanting to have a great night out, and enjoy quality tunes from a celebrated time in musical history.

Be sure to check out this fantastic tribute night to John Fogerty and Bob Seger for a truly entertaining, fun night of music!

American Rock Legends: A Bob Seger/John Fogerty rocks the stage at 7:30 p.m. on June 21st at Creekside Theatre in Lake Country. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased online at:

Tickets also available at the door and for purchase from the Kelowna Tickets outlet at Orchard Park Mall, at Tourism Kelowna visitor centre, or at the Customer Service counter at Lake Country Municipal Hall daily from 8:30am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays. For more information call the Box Office 250-766-9309.