Lake Country Arts Council to Provide Micro-Grants to Support Backyard Concerts

The Lake Country Arts Council (LCAC) in conjunction with the District of Lake Country will once again be offering local homeowners micro-grants to support live music in their community. The goal is to not only support local performers, but create a safe, positive neighbourhood experience for residents of Lake Country.


“Backyard concerts are a great way to connect with neighbours and support our local musicians,” states LCAC President, James Dow. “The idea is for the Lake Country Arts Council to act as a facilitator between local musicians and homeowners.”

The micro-grant will cover up to 70% (to a maximum of $500) to cover the cost of hiring a local performer. “It’s great to see the LCAC diversify their grant program as we aim to find new and creative ways to support culture and local performers. This program was well received during the pandemic so it’s great to see it continue in 2022,” says Ryan Donn, Cultural Development Coordinator for the District of Lake Country.


Lake Country residents can download the grant application at Grants will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis while funds are available. All backyard concerts will have to LCAC’s “Best Practices” and municipal bylaws.


The Lake Country Arts Council was formed and incorporated as a non-profit society in 2018 and is an amalgamation of several smaller societies including the Lake Country Performing Arts Society and Open-Air Performances. The LCAC board is made up of many long-time Lake Country residents, all with varied arts backgrounds including the performing arts.


The society has a mandate to promote and foster participation in the arts in Lake Country, to encourage the development of opportunities to perform, create, exhibit, and appreciate the arts and to work with the District of Lake Country to distribute grant funding to qualified groups and individuals.


To learn more about the Lake Country Arts Council visit or on Facebook at