Big Daddy Tazz

Lake Country, BC – Local organizations are working to improve mental health services in the Lake Country and Kelowna area. Lake Country Health is partnering with Creekside Theatre to bring in speakers and film series this year that will address a variety of mental health issues facing our community, with the aim of helping reduce stigma and building the coping skills people need to live better lives.

To launch the series, the organizations are bringing Big Daddy Tazz, the nationally syndicated comedian who shares about his journey dealing with bi-polar, anxiety, and OCD in a way people can relate to, while also having a few laughs. Join us to kick off the series at the Creekside Theatre, with Big Daddy Tazz on October 14th and 15th, as he speaks candidly about his struggles, and ultimately his triumphs over his mental health diagnosis.

“We know people are hesitant to talk about personal mental health struggles, and yet we all benefit when those issues are talked about. We all struggle and can benefit from a good laugh, and some tools to help us cope with the life’s challenges.” Stated Melissa Scaman, the Executive Director of Lake Country Health. “This fall we are working with the Theatre to bring experts and those who are willing to share about their mental health challenges, so we can help to build our personal health toolbox and start those important conversations in our community to address depression, anxiety, and life’s current challenges. This year we will be offering support groups, films, and speakers who can help us improve how we cope.”

Lake Country Health is a non-profit organization, established in 1982, that aims to improve the health of the community by offering health and social service supports. The agency helps people navigate government services, and builds the skills needed to live better. The agency expanded its services in 2020, to include mental health supports.


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Melissa Scaman, Executive Director