Article written by Dimitriy Radchenko published on the Municipal News page in the Lake Country Calendar newspaper publication of February 24, 2016.

As a youth councillor for 2015/2016 with the District of Lake Country (DLC) Mayor and Council, I have learned many things in the short time I've been involved. Things like: how and why bylaws are made and the plans Council has for our little, growing town.

I have been living in Lake Country for 8 years and never really understood how the municipality makes decisions. I had never heard about the family events that we have in the community throughout the year; and now I have a better understanding about events and how the city makes decisions when problems arise. Being involved with DLC Council has helped me gain a lot more knowledge of what goes on in the minds of the leaders of the community.

Did you know that UBCO is planning on expanding their campus by 103 hectares (the campus right now is 105 hectares)? That's almost double the size of what it is now. Did you know that the art gallery has 8 exhibitions in one year, all in that little building? I didn't know that until I joined the Council, where I got all this information by attending meetings and seeing what was going to be discussed on the agenda.

Everyone at the Council meeting or people that are watching it on Shaw TV, get a visual report on the records of the Fire and the RCMP records annually.

They have a great plan for our community's roads to get fixed, and the faster they get the roads fixed, the less it will cost over time.

Oh, and I also get my name tag in metal, so everyone can see it.