After Council's third session of deliberation, Lake Country's 2015 Operating and Capital Budget will result in a 3.13 percent tax increase, which equates to approximately $50.66 on an average single-family home assessed at $492,000; and includes consideration of 2015 debt servicing for CN Rail Corridor acquisition.

Each 1% tax increase raises $97,854. The BC Assessment completed roll figures show that the 2015 tax base increased by 2.1% or $203,000.

The District's total operating budget for 2015 is $19.3 million. The total capital spending forecast is $9.5million ($4.8 million in new capital projects and $4.7 in carry forward projects). The capital projects are the big ticket items or assets that are typically long-term in nature such as land, buildings, roads, pipes and large equipment.

The top capital projects approved are:

Universal Metering Phase 2 ($1,500,000)
Arena Ice Sheet Replacement ($1,500,000)
Bond and Pow Road Improvement ($350,000)
Parks and Recreation Master Plan ($150,000)
Fire Department Bush Truck Replacement ($125,000)
On January 22, 27 and 29 Council met to discuss the preliminary new tax base growth, operational impacts affecting 2015, proposed capital and supplemental operating requests; and after lengthy discussion approved the following:

No increase to the sewer user rates and a $50 increase to the sewer parcel tax;
No increase or reduction to garbage and recycling fees;
No additional increase to the Lake Country water rates above what was previously approved;
Some operational increases especially in the areas of snow clearing, parks maintenance and environmental protection.
Through the annual budget process, Council makes decisions on how to best fund the operation of facilities and services the community has come to rely on and much needed infrastructure improvements. The goal is to be fiscally responsible, while meeting the highest priority objectives with the most benefit for the community to ensure Lake Country continues to thrive.

All Strategic Priorities of Council slated to be completed or initiated in 2015 have been funded through this budget. The total allocated budget for priorities is $3,068,000. Minor requests for service increases were proposed by staff in the amount of $69,300.

For more information contact:

Rose Bronswyk Kassa, Chief Financial Officer, District of Lake Country
Tel 250-766-5650 or