Twelve year old Payton Bischoff is producing a Holiday Variety Show to showcase local youth and raise funds for families and youth in need


Lake Country, BC – Local performer Payton Bischoff, aged 12, has undertaken the challenge of producing a Holiday Variety Show in support of Youth & Family Services at The Bridge and the Life After Laundry Ladies Club. The show is a chance for local kids to perform after nearly two years without an audience and will run December 3 & 4 at Creekside Theatre in Lake Country, BC. The show will also be live-streamed for all of those that are unable to attend. Donations will be gratefully accepted from those that tune into the Livestream


Bischoff has enlisted various pre/teen performers to bring the holiday magic to the stage. The show will include the talents of Payton Bischoff, The Lake Country School of Dance, Capri & Wes Birchwater, Keala Morazain, Grace Lister, Lyla Donn, Braeden Williams, & Robyn Churchill. The show will also include a live band, commercials for local businesses, and the set created by award-winning set designer Eugene Leveque.


The theme for the show is Don't Stop Believing. Bischoff says, "I want us to remember we can't stop believing in the magic of the Holidays Season brings, especially after how hard the last two years have been. Everyone has faced challenges, but kids and especially pre/teen performers – who crave the stage lights and the full audiences, are hurting right now." 


Beyond simply a chance to perform, The Holiday Variety Show will be donating the funds raised to Youth & Family Services at The Bridge and The Life After Laundry Ladies Club. "It has been far too long since we have had the opportunity to gather and experience the joy of a live performance at the Creekside Theatre," says Bischoff, "we need to spread the cheer and supporting these two organizations, and their work with local youth does exactly that."

Tickets for the Holiday Variety Show are $25 and can be purchased online at or by calling (250) 766-9309.


Contact Lara Bischoff at or 250-681-4450 for further information regarding The Payton Bischoff Holiday Variety Show.