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Tale of an infrequent cyclist during Bike to Work Week

Posted on Thursday, May 29, 2014 09:00 PM

For weeks I have been encouraging all in my workplace and community to gear up to participate in cycling at some point during Bike to Work / Bike to School Week May 26-June 1, 2014.

I am a middle-aged mom of teens, a full-time communications officer (read sedentary desk job), not an athlete of any type or regular cyclist. I used to love to cycle and would often pull both kids in a tagalong bike trailer (when they were under 4) around Stanley Park in Vancouver or from Ladner village to Westham Island...

Why Local Governments Count

Posted on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 09:00 PM

In November, people in BC will be called to vote in a province-wide municipal election. Elections used to be held every three years, until now, but with the pending legislation change and this year's election, a new chapter of local government history opens in BC as terms will be held for four years. In addition, with the new proposed legislation, all financial matters for candidates will be looked after by Elections BC. This is probably a good thing as Elections BC has the structure and the resources...

Volunteers the unsung heroes of Lake Country

Posted on Sunday, April 06, 2014 09:00 PM

It's National Volunteer Week April 6-12, 2014

The Lake Country community is well known for its strong sense of community spirit. The altruistic activities that take place throughout Lake Country are not just done by the highly-visible volunteer service organizations such as the Lions Club, Kiwanis and Rotary, Food Bank, Hospital Auxiliary, or various church groups. We see every age group and every ability getting involved in diverse aspects of community service in Lake Country.

Volunteers are often...

Innovative technology used to keep drinking water safe

Posted on Wednesday, February 05, 2014 09:00 PM

Would a helmet- and tank-clad commercial diver coming out of a mound of earth high above Okanagan Lake catch your attention? It sure did catch mine . . .when I was invited this very cold February day to check out the innovative technology being used in Lake Country to clean the water reservoirs.

First, I should clarify that the water reservoir is not exactly an open body of water as I expected, but rather a concrete structure that is covered in earth and surrounded by a security fence you would...

Fiction vs. Reality: Budget Numbers in Lake Country

Posted on Sunday, December 22, 2013 09:00 PM

I just read an article in the Kelowna Daily Courier about the Budget process in Lake Country and, as was pointed out by our CFO Stephen Banmen, the only thing right in it was the population figure: 12,000 actually 12,041 at the end of 2012, the fifth fastest growing municipality in BC. The rest of the information was completely incorrect. I am not sure where the reporter got those numbers and information but certainly not from the District.

It is unfortunate because there are many rumours about the...